Case Studies

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Humanoid Avatars

We’ve built humanoid avatars that can be both human and AI driven. These robots are designed to replicate human range of motion and can be deployed in high-risk environments where human presence is desired without the risk of bodily harm.

Our next-generation avatar is currently in development and will be debuted soon. The next-generation avatars are built using our proprietary IP, including our low-latency 3D vision system, hands, actuators, haptic feedback system, and mechanical assemblies. Contact us to learn more.


We have collaborated with Stanford University researchers to utilize our patented hybrid hydrostatic actuator for the development of MRI-safe surgical robots. Robots developed with this actuator design can be constructed entirely out of plastic, making them inherently safe in high magnetic and electrical noise environments.

The novel toroidal piston and arced rolling diaphragm design enable a compact form-factor that can be scaled to meet any torque requirements. The use of pneumatic and/or hydraulic fluid provide the added benefit of precision force feedback, making it the well-suited for surgical and human-interaction use.

The study has been published in IEEE Transactions on Medical Robotics and Bionics and is available here.



Hadron is a high-performance embedded stereo vision system and is Mirsee’s first commercial. Hadron combines the NVIDIA Jetson processor with our custom stereo camera and motherboard to deliver a high-performance and energy efficient embedded vision device perfect for robotics and AI research use. 



AMP was designed to maneuver tight spaces with its ability to strafe and rotate on center. The Advanced Mobile Platform utilizes mecanum wheels with integrated suspension, giving the mobile base a payload capacity exceeding 300 kilograms.


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