Put your projects on
the cutting edge with our innovations in robotics.

From vision systems, to actuators, to power systems, to haptic feedback, to control systems, we’ve developed technologies to improve every aspect of robot design.

Put your projects on
the cutting edge with our innovations in robotics.

From vision systems, to actuators, to power systems, to haptic feedback, to control systems, we’ve developed technologies to improve every aspect of robot design.

Projects with Mirsee IP


Hadron vision system

A Leap in Embedded Stereo Vision Technology

The Hadron Vision System marks Mirsee Robotics’ first commercial venture into high-performance embedded stereo vision systems. Integrating the NVIDIA Jetson processor with our custom stereo camera and motherboard, Hadron delivers unmatched performance and energy efficiency.

This makes it an ideal solution for robotics and AI research, offering capabilities that push the boundaries of what’s possible in embedded vision technology.

Embedded 3D Vision System Architecture

Leverage the technology behind the Hadron vision system and bring high fidelity 3D sight to your robots.


Advanced mobile platform (AMP)

Agility and Power for Tight Spaces
The Advanced Mobile Platform (AMP) is engineered for exceptional maneuverability and strength, designed to navigate tight spaces with ease. Equipped with Mecanum wheels and integrated suspension, AMP boasts a payload capacity exceeding 300 kilograms, enabling it to carry heavy loads while performing complex movements like strafing and rotating on its center.

This platform represents a significant advancement in mobile robotics, offering versatility and power for a wide range of applications.

Drive Systems

Use Mecanum wheels with integrated suspension to build your own mobile platforms capable of moving heavy payloads. For outdoor navigations, we offer high grip wheels that enable traversing the most difficult terrain.


MRI safe surgical robots

Collaboration with Stanford University for Revolutionary Medical Robotics
In a groundbreaking project, Mirsee Robotics partnered with researchers from Stanford University to develop MRI-safe surgical robots. Utilizing our patented hybrid hydrostatic actuator, these robots are constructed entirely from plastic, making them uniquely suited for use in environments with high magnetic and electrical noise.

The innovative design features a toroidal piston and arced rolling diaphragm, enabling a compact form-factor scalable for various torque requirements. The integration of pneumatic and/or hydraulic fluids allows for precise force feedback, essential for surgical precision and safe human interaction.
This collaboration has led to a publication in the IEEE Transactions on Medical Robotics and Bionics, highlighting the project’s success and innovation.

M-Drive Actuator

Our patented M-Drive actuator is ideal for robots where ultra-fine haptic feedback and precision are critical. Available in all-plastic construction for operation in high noise environments.

More Innovations

Haptic and Tactile Feedback

Increase immersion by adding a critical sensory dimension. Haptic and tactile feedback enable human-safe interaction and enhance remote manipulation.

Control Systems

Be anywhere, anytime with incredible immersion and responsiveness. Our control software enables any mainstream VR system to become the ideal robot control interface.

Modular Battery System

Use our custom hot-swappable Battery System to achieve any desired power and current output with our scalable architecture. Multiple layers of safety and rigid enclosure make this the ideal mobile power source.

Motor Controllers

Control your brushless DC motors with ease using our BLDC motor controller. Choose from a variety of drive modes to enable high speed and human-safe interaction.

System Management Controllers

Our SMC is the perfect hub to connect all your subsystems and sensors for ultimate monitoring, data acquisition and control.

Advanced Mechanical Assemblies

We have custom grippers, precision gimbals, gravity compensation systems and other sophisticated mechanical assemblies available to advance your robot’s motion and capabilities.

Power Distribution System

Implement our advanced power management and distribution system to ensure efficient power delivery to all your robot’s subsystems.

Ultra-low latency Video Encoding and Transmission

Achieve the absolute highest performance video capture, encoding and trasmission with our advanced FPGA-based vision architecture.

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