We’re coming out of stealth mode.
Published on: September 3, 2021
Author: mirsee

After years of R&D, we’re coming out of stealth mode to announce a new generation of robots

Odds are you’ve never heard of us, and that’s for good reason. We’ve been building the technologies necessary to make a new generation of robots possible, and we’ve been doing so in secret. With advances in AI accelerating at an exponential rate, it’s imperative that hardware becomes available to take advantage of those capabilities.

Simply put, there are no great complete robotic platforms for robotics and AI developers. Yes, there are good UGVs, arms, grippers and sensors available. The problem lies in the integration of those components. Little thought is given to how these components come together, and as a consequence, most robots are crude assemblies of sub components joined together with minimal thought given to the system as a whole. 

We want to change the norm. We believe robots should have subsystems that integrate seamlessly and that are designed to work with the whole system in mind. 

We are working on a new robotic platform that tightly integrates an array of sensors and subsystems to deliver the ultimate robot package. We believe all robots should be built this way and we think you’ll agree. Stay tuned for more updates on the next generation of smart robotics as we develop the technology further.